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Voter Stories 2004

Voters' Stories from the 2004 US Election
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Voters' Stories from the 2004 US Elections

Any United States voter, of any political persuasion, is welcome to use this community to post their experiences of voting in the 2004 elections.

Be as partisan, as joyful, as anguished, as enthusiastic, as anxious, as angry, as optimistic as you want. But above all else please be POLITE to your fellow community members - your fellow voters, and fellow citizens. Flames will not be tolerated.

Please try to limit to one post per person (If you need to make changes or update, just edit your post). The community goal is to gather a group of stories from as large and broad a cross-section of US voters as possible. We want your stories - the good, bad, and ugly - of what it was like to vote in this election.